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Requested File will automatically start on this page after few seconds. We are also in process of preparing video guide for this game. Our team has downloaded the game already and are testing it on multiple machines. This enables us to verify that whether this game will work on all machines or not. Because sometimes games work for some specs where it is failed to start for other machines. So we are in process of verifying it on multiple machines with different architecture. We also test it on Nvidia cards and AMD Card Separatel and also with built in Intel cards. This will help us to identify whether game is good for our general visitors.

We also test it across multiple Windows Operating System. Starting from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 10 X64. Just to add here that Windows 7 64 bit is still most compatible with all games. This result is derived from our own experiences of testing thousands of games. So we will highly recommend Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit to our gamers community. So that there games are always error free. Please make sure that your have installed all latest updates. Because some newest files are dependent on Windows Updates fixes as well.

We understand that none of two clients can have same requirements. Because in today’s diverse IT field, needs vary a lot. So you can get performance and benefit as per your need. If you need a starter server we can provide it to you. which will be in your budget. But if you need a server like a beast then no problem. That’s available as well. All of our servers are with High customization. You can choose the port you like, RAM (Memory) of your choice depending on application needs. DedicatedRequest Hard disks can also be chosen from Wide range of SSDs, SAS and SATA. Because this also greatly impacts server performance. You can change the drives at any moment you want. We can also add RAID Support in disks as well. So in case of drives failure your data will not be lost. You’ll always have a file backup in your hand. Last but not the least, Processors which play an integral part in server performance. Because all of the processing is done using the processors. If every other component is fine but processor is dull then you are doomed. You need a processor which can easily scale with needs of enterprise level application.

Secondly please note that 32 bit x86 machines are not good for heavy games. Because they only support 4GB of RAM. Whereas most of the recent games require upto 8GB recommended RAM. Therefore please always install x64 version of Windows. So that you can upgrade RAM Later if you want. We recommend 8GB RAM and Windows 7 x64 for good experience.

Quality Network

At our data center we have redundant 10Tbps network lines. Which brings new life to your dedicated servers. Now you can push Terabytes of bandwidth easily. All of our servers have dedicated Gigabit Ethernet Port. You can easily push data as much as you can. We also have backup Network Lines, so during maintenance windows, None of the server will be down. They’ll be kept alive 99.9% of time. Because we understand that dedicated servers are not meant for downtime. A little downtime bring huge loss to customers and we cannot tolerate it any moment. If you need more Higher Network Port like 10Gbps then our team can configure your server to build with it. Let us know How you want to proceed on Network Customization.